The Sony digital imaging firmware platform is based on CE Linux. Firmware data, when provided via firmware updaters, is encrypted until transferred to the camera. In addition, integrity checks are run on the firmware data package to ensure it has not been modified.


  • "Demo" mode menu item replaced with with "Someone1."
  • Someone1.00's Custom Firmware Version
DVXuser and EOSHD forum member Someone1.00 has demonstrated the ability to unpack and decrypt the A55/A33/NEX5/NEX3/VG10 series firmware. In addition, he/she has successfully packed and uploaded a simply modified A55 firmware back to the camera, changing a string in the English menu from "Demo Mode" to "Someone1." The firmware version was incremented to appear as a newer version to the updater and camera.

Patching the FirmwareEdit

What You'll NeedEdit

Patching ProcedureEdit

Win firmware patcher

Someone1.00's Firmware Patcher

  1. Download and unpack the firmware following the firmware unpacking guide .
  2. Download and extract Someone1.00s patcher.
  3. Launch the patcher and click "Browse...", navigate to the extracted firmware file and select it and click "Open".
  4. Click "Go".
  5. Once the firmware file has been patched, the patcher's screen log will tell you to flash your camera.
    Win firmware patched

    FIrmware Patch Completed

  6. In WIndows Explorer, navigate to the folder where firmware file is located and run "SPUFirmwareUpdater.exe".
  7. Follow the instructions to flash your camera with the patched firmware.
    Win sony firmware updater

    Sony's Alpha Firmware Updater